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Just like an athlete, a Realtor must learn to pivot + adjust.

Debbi DiMaggio, cousins to the infamous Joe DiMaggio, and top 1.5% of all Realtors nationwide, 4x author, Mother of Two, Wife, and Philanthropist, Debbi’s love of meeting people, travel, design and experiencing new cultures has driven much of her success in real estate and beyond. She aspires to inspire, by  following her passions and living her purpose. Debbi is committed to helping her clients through their first, second or third transaction or when mentoring others on their own paths to greatness.

A full-time Realtor for nearly 35 years and a partner with Corcoran Icon Properties, she also serves as the Marketing Director and coach for their 80 agents. Her passion lies in assisting others in realizing their dreams, and has extended her expertise beyond selling real estate to coach a diverse range of clients. Her approach involves guiding clients towards their goals, holding them accountable, and ensuring they stay on course. It’s not as simple as it sounds!


A Few Of My quotes

“Luxury Is A Service, Not A Price Point”
“Whether a plumber or a celebrity client, everyone is treated like a VIP”
“It Takes A Village” “Collaboration Is Key.”
“A Realtor must Pivot and Adjust just like an Athlete on the Playfield.”
“Follow Your Passion, Live Your Purpose.”

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